Harvest Update No. 3


This morning’s harvest included a new-to-me crop called Perpetual Spinach. I had a really big harvest of greens a few days ago, so I had delayed cutting the perpetual spinach. Under normal circumstances we should have harvested it when the plants were about 9-inches tall, and would have cut the top 6-inches straight across, instead of snipping outside leaves only. On the other hand, even though they were larger than I had planned, they were still in beautiful, tender, condition. I brought in a little under two pounds of the greens from my 15-inch x 30-inch plot. That’s not a bad return for under three square feet of my garden. Before the crop is finished producing, the total yield will be multiplied by at least three more harvests of similar weight.

Also harvested: 6.5 pounds of sugar snap peas, the first beets of the year, and a few radishes.

Total harvest YTD: 32.72 pounds


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